About BEAM Payout

Payment time: 00:00–8:00 UTC

Payout Threshold: 5 BEAM

Local wallet requirements: Please select “never” option for “Expires”when generating the BEAM local wallet address(the wallet address status needs to be “never”). This address is a permanent wallet address and will not expire.

After the pool paid (usually after 8:00 UTC), please log in to the wallet (please ensure that the wallet is online) and manually complete the payment confirmation. If you do not receive the coins on the same day, the transaction record in the local wallet will be displayed as “failed”, please don’t worry, the pool will cancel the transaction and pay the next day.

Please note: Due to the particularity of the BEAM network, the current BEAM payment will be queued according to the balance of each account. If the remain balance is enough but not paid, the account balance at this time will continue to accumulate the next day until the payment is completed.