Upcoming BEAM Hard Fork

The BEAM hard fork will occur on block 321321 around 2019-08-15 18:00 UTC. 

The mining algorithm will be updated after the hard fork. Many previous versions of mining software will no longer work.

The following mining software will switch to the new mining algorithm automatically:

    • GMiner 1.55 (AMD and Nvidia cards, with more than 3GB card memory)

To prevent any missed mining revenue, we strongly advise our miners to use mining software which can automatically switch the mining algorithm. Please read the BEAM mining tutorial and configure the algorithm auto switch, so your mining machine can mine normally after the hard fork.

As a special reminder, for any miners using the official full node wallet, please make sure to update your wallet to version 3.0.5660 or later. Wallets which are not updated in time will not receive mining revenue. Miners who are using exchange wallets, please keep an eye on announcements from the exchange.