Compensation Notice Regarding 2019-08-31 DDOS Incident

Dear miners,

During the evening on 2019-08-31, F2Pool experienced large-scale DDOS attacks, causing a small number of BTC rigs to switch offline. Our team swiftly launched our emergency action plan, immediately notified impacted customers to switch to alternative stratum addresses, and quickly repaired the BTC mining pool server to minimize any losses for miners.

To deal with any mining losses that our customers faced, F2Pool has decided to take the maximum value of that day’s hashrate and calculate the loss of revenue during the time period of the DDOS attack according to the PPS+ payout mode.

After the loss calculations are completed, F2Pool will compensate any impacted customers for the corresponding loss before 2019-09-09.

If you have any other questions, please contact the F2Pool official customer support team through your preferred channel:

Telegram: HTTPS://
Support email: