CKB Mining on F2Pool!

CKB is the token of the PoW public chain project named Nervos. It’s algorithm is Eaglesong, which supports NVIDIA and AMD GPU card mining.

CKB has received great attention leading up to its mainnet launch. In the past five testnet competitions, there were tens of thousands of mining machines participating in the test. Many miners are planning to Congo they their hashrate for the CKB mainnet.

Nervos officially announced that the CKB mainnet “Lina” will be released on Nov 16th, 2019. As the largest CKB testnet pool, F2Pool will launch the CKB mainnet mining pool immediately at mainnet launch, to provide CKB mining services to miners.

Special reminder:

The mining configuration of the CKB mainnet remains the same as the mining configuration of testnet mining. Miners don’t need do any other operations. For more details, please refer to the CKB mining tutorial.

The rewards of the 4th and 5th testnet competitions will be calculated according to a specific ratio, and will be announced to the public and released after the calculations are completed.

Our CKB mining pool will launch alongside the CKB mainnet, please join and enjoy mining with F2Pool!