Nervos CKB 4th Mining Competition Results and 5th Mining Competition Details

Dear F2Pool miners,

The 4th CKB testnet mining competition has successfully completed on 2019-09-21 06:00:00 UTC. Thank you for your participation and support.

The competition results are as follows:

  • F2Pool CKB testnet total reward: 17,166,787 CKB
  • F2Pool CKB testnet base reward: 15,413,312 CKB
  • F2Pool CKB mainnet reward: 1,258,481 CKB

*** Data from the official Nervos team.

Miners rewards are calculated according to the following ratio:

Conversion Ratio = F2Pool CKB mainnet reward ÷ F2Pool CKB testnet total reward = 1,258,481 ÷ 17,166,787 = 0.0733

The ratio is lower than the ratio provided by the Nervos official team for the following reasons:

  1. The CKB testnet competition block reward has four components: Base Reward, Secondary Reward, Proposal Reward, Commit Reward. For maintaining competition fairness, only the Base Reward is used in the calculation. CKB Announcement
  2. During the competition, F2Pool used the PPS mining method with 0% fees to calculate the testnet revenue without considering orphan blocks, causing the revenue paid by F2Pool to miners to be higher than the actual revenue it should be.

In other words, the CKB mainnet reward according to the F2Pool CKB mainnet conversion ratio, and the revenue through SOLO mining are the same.

However, to ensure fairness of the PPS mining method, and to demonstrate our appreciation of the support and trust from all F2Pool CKB miners, F2Pool has taken the orphan block risk for our miners, and will pay the revenue according to the converted ratio from the official Nervos team.

The conversion ratio of F2Pool mainnet CKB= 0.0816 CKB

The secondary reward ratio of 1.2% will also be deducted.

The total CKB mining revenue in F2Pool is more than 5% higher than the SOLO mining method.

The CKB testnet mining revenue will be converted to CKB and stored in your F2Pool account. F2Pool will pay distribute the mainnet CKB tokens immediately at CKB mainnet launch.

The more profitable 5th testnet mining competition will start on 2019-10-05, with a longer duration and higher conversion ratio!

The competition will start from 2019-10-05 06:00:00 UTC with three stages, until 2019-11-16 06:00:00, lasting for 6 weeks. The mainnet reward has increased to 45 million CKB!

Stage One

  • Period: 2019.10.05 06:00:00 UTC – 2019.10.19 06:00:00 UTC
  • Unix timestamp: 1570255200
  • To: 2019.10.19 6:00 UTC Unix timestamp: 1571464800
  • Duration: Two weeks
  • Reward: 12,000,000 CKB

Stage Two

  • Period: 2019.10.19 06:00:00 UTC – 2019.11.02 06:00:00 UTC
  • Unix timestamp: 1570255200
  • To: 2019.10.19 6:00 UTC Unix timestamp: 1571464800
  • Duration: Two weeks
  • Reward: 15,000,000 CKB

From: 2019.10.19 6:00 UTC Unix timestamp: 1571464800

To: 2019.11.2 6:00 UTC Unix timestamp: 1572674400


Stage Three

  • Period: 2019.10.19 06:00:00 UTC – 2019.11.02 06:00:00 UTC
  • Duration: Two weeks
  • Reward: 18,000,000 CKB

From: 2019.11.2 6:00 UTC Unix timestamp: 1572674400

To: 2019.11.16 6:00 UTC Unix timestamp: 1573884000

Note: The CKB mentioned above is the mainnet token, and when will be distributed at the CKB mainnet launch.

Miners can join this competition through F2Pool.

For improved convenience, F2Pool will support CKB account mining. View the the Mining Tutorial  for more details.