Announcement: About The Adjustment Of Increasing The DOGE Payout Ratio

Dear miners:

LTC has completed the hard fork on the block height 1680000 around 10:16 UTC on 2019-8-5. The block reward is changed from the previously 25 LTC to the currently 12.5 LTC. LTC mining revenue is affected.

For increasing the LTC mining revenue and helping miners to earn more, F2Pool will adjust the DOGE payout ratio from 2019-8-7. Mine 1 LTC, earn 2000 DOGE (earn 1200 DOGE before).

After the adjustment, LTC mining revenue will be increased by 2.5%!

Please note: You need to set up your DOGE payout addresses in order to receive your merged mining rewards. After you add additional wallet addresses, the revenue will be paid out daily.

F2Pool is trying our best to provide the best mining services for miners! If you have any suggestions, please email us at Thank you for all the trust and support!

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