F2Pool Has Completely Supported OKKONG Smart Miner Management Platform

F2Pool has completely supported OKKONG smart miner management platform!

OKKONG smart miner management platform is a cloud-manage system focusing on serving miners. It can easily obtain the actual data of the mining machines, support the management of T9, S9, etc. It has the functions of firmware uploading, mining pool modification, virus detection and frequency optimization.

BTC miners who use OKKONG software, can input the f2pool’s pool URL: ok.f2pool.com:3333. Then input your username and start mining.

Moreover, You can also increase or reduce the frequency of the mining machines at any time according to the specific situation, to ensure a higher mining revenue under different electricity costs and network difficulties.

Relevant information:

OKKONG official website:


F2Pool pool address(only for OKKONG):