F2Pool GRIN wallet has been upgraded to version 2.0

F2Pool has completed the GRIN wallet upgrade on 2019-7-11, and the mining revenue has been paid. For normally receive the payout after the update, if the miner uses the node wallet, please upgrade to version 2.0.0 in time to receive the mining revenue; if using the exchange platform whose wallet is not upgraded to version 2.0.0, it is unable to receive the mining revenue, and F2Pool will resume the mining revenue after the GRIN wallet upgrade is completed on all the mainstream exchange platforms.
Please notice: For the “unpaid” balance caused by the node wallet or the exchange platforms (such as Kucoin) which have already updated to V2.0.0 BEFORE 2019-7-11. Please wait until F2Pool resumes the previous payout when mainstream exchange platforms have completed the update (around 2019-7-15).

Thank you for your understanding.