Announcement: About The Failed Grin Withdrawal

Due to the Grin hard fork on 2019-7-17, F2Pool will update the Grin wallet to V2.0.0 together with the exchange below on about 12:00 UTC 2019-7-10. V2.0.0 version wallet can not transfer the revenue to the V1.XX version after the hard fork.







It may cause the payout failure from 2019-7-10 to 2019-7-17 for the exchange platforms which are not listed above. 

Please notice: For the node wallet or the exchange platforms (such as Kucoin) which have already updated to V2.0.0 BEFORE 2019-7-10. You can choose either wait for the payout after F2Pool has completed the update and resume the payout on 2019-7-11, or use the available wallet to withdraw.

Thank you for your understanding and support.