Nervos’ 5th Testnet Mining Competition Results

Dear F2Pool miners,

The Nervos CKB 5th testnet mining competition officially ended after the Nervos mainnet launched on 2019-11-16. Thank you very much for your participation and support.

The 5th testnet mining competition is divided into three phases:

Stage One

  • Period: 2019.10.05 06:00 UTC – 2019.10.19 06:00 UTC
  • Duration: Two weeks
  • Reward: 12,000,000 CKB

Stage Two

  • Period: 2019.10.19 06:00:00 UTC – 2019.11.02 06:00:00 UTC
  • Duration: Two weeks
  • Reward: 15,000,000 CKB

Stage Three

  • Period:2019.11.02 06:00:00 UTC – 2019.11.16 06:00:00 UTC
  • Duration: Two weeks
  • Reward: 18,000,000 CKB

Each stage of the competition has different conditions and conversion ratio. In order to thank all the miners for their strong support, F2Pool has beared the risk of orphan block to support miners’ income just like the 4th test competition.

According to the PPS payout scheme, after deducting the second level award, the proposal award and the submission of the reward (Nervos official description of the testnet mining competition), the ratio of the CKB testnet reward to the mainnet reward is as follows:

The 5th mining competition Nervos official (Testnet to Mainnet ratio)  F2Pool (Testnet to Mainnet ratio) 
 Stage 1 0.0694 0.0738
Stage 2 0.0926 0.0969
Stage 3 0.1045 0.1077

For example: If in the stage 1 of the fifth test mining competition,  100CKB (testnet)  , according to the official ratio, can be converted to 100×0.0694=6.94CKB (mainnet)

According to the ratio of F2Pool, you can convert 100×0.0738=7.38CKB (mainnet)


According to the final reward ratio of F2Pool, the miners’ final CKB mining revenue in F2Pool is more than 5% higher than SOLO mining revenue.

The revenues of the previous testnet mining competition will be converted to CKB mainnet coins according to the above ratio after deducting the second-level award, the proposal award and the submission of the reward. The corresponding CKB reward will be distributed to the miner’s CKB wallet address on November 16th.

For the miners participating in the fourth testnet mining competition, the CKB proceeds will be directly paid to the CKB wallet address used to mine CKB (how to use CKB’s Cli wallet).

The miners who participated in the fifth test competition can log in directly to their F2Pool account, adding the CKB wallet address in the account settings (the wallet address can be obtained through the Cobo wallet) to receive the mining revenue.

CKB mining revenue will be paid once a day from November 16.

If the account balance is lower than 61 CKB, please contact F2Pool customer service, because the amount is too low to transfer. The relevant income (according to the current currency price, 1CKB≈0.01USD, 61CKB≈0.61USD) can be paid in another way.

F2Pool official CKB exchange group: