Announcement: About RVN Hard Fork And Algorithm Update

Dear F2Pool miners, For preventing the FPGA and ASIC miners, RVN will occur the hard fork on 2019-10-01 16:00 UTC. The mining algorithm will be updated from X16R to X16Rv2. The previous version mining software will not available. Please use the new version one after the hard fork.

Miners who are using the RVN full node wallet, please update it to the version 2.5.1. Otherwise the withdraw will be unavailable. Miners who are using the RVN exchange wallet, please take a notice to the exchange platform update.

RVN full node wallet:

RVN mining tutorial (New algorithm):


Note: As the stability of RVN blockchain may be affected during the hard fork. F2Pool will suspend the payment of RVN mining revenue on October 2. The payment will be resumed after RVN blockchain stabilizes.