ZEL has officially launched in F2Pool!

ZEL, the full name of ZelCash, relies on zero-knowledge proof to provide private anonymous transactions, and can also publish a cross-chain decentralized development platform. Its mining algorithm is Equihash 144, 5, supports GPU mining, does not support A9, Z9, Z11 and other ASIC mining machines. Related information is as follows:
Mining tutorial:https://blog.f2pool.com/en/mining-tutorial-en/zel_en
Official website link: https://zel.cash/
Block Browser: https://explorer.zel.cash/
Total: 210 million
Consensus: PoW/Masternodes
Block time: 120s
Block reward: 150 ZEL (75% PoW + 25% MNs, halved every 2.5 years)