Can I use wallet address to mine ETH directly? What’s the difference of mining ETH with username and wallet address??

F2pool supports mining ETH directly with wallet address.

The difference between mining ETH with username and mining ETH with wallet address:

1There is no need to register an account to mine ETH. Wallet address mining details can be directly accessed through addresslink, mining revenue is directly paid to the wallet address used for mining; Mining ETH with username needs to register account, add ETH wallet address in payment settings to receive mining revenue, and log in fish pool account to check mining revenue.

2Mining settings are different. When the wallet address is used to mine ETH, the pool address should be or,  and need to set ETH wallet address for mining; When user name is used to mine ETH, the pool address should be , and need to set username for mining.

3. There is no freezing period (security period) for the revenue of wallet address mining. At username mining, adding the wallet address or modifying the wallet address causes payouts get frozen for three days to ensure the account security.

Important notice: the wallet address mining ETH and the username ETH are independent of each other, the data is not interconnected, and the mining revenue can not be transferred to each other.
If you mine ETH with username, please refer to: