How to choose a mining machine?

Choosing a mining machine, is actually an investigation choice, regardless of the limitation of the coin type you want to mine or the mining machines (more details):, before you choose a mining machine, here you can consider the advantages and disadvantages between ASIC miner and GPU miner.

  • ASIC miner

Advantages: 1. The single hashrate is relatively larger; 2. More convenience to manage a large number of miners; 3. Easy to configure and move, the ASIC miner mining is more stable.

Disadvantages: 1. only available to mine the relevant algorithm coins; 2. Noisier; 3. Hard to keep its value.

  • GPU miner

Advantages: 1. Flexible to switch to other coins to mine according to the revenue comparison; 2. Less noise and lower power consumption; 3. Widely used, and more valuable.

Disadvantages: 1. Bigger size, hard to assemble and move, and inconvenience to massive management; 2. Rarely tools for mining machine’s batch management; 3. Harder to operate the overclock and configure the parameters.

Besides, you can check the specific contents of “Hot Miner” page in F2Pool website, which can be taken as a reference, including the specific data of miner power consumption and estimated revenue and so on: