How to withdraw the revenue which is not enough to reach the threshold?

The revenue can not be paid automatically if your balance does not reach the threshold.

If you need to withdraw your balance for private reason, wallet issue or other aspects, please apply for a small balance payout in the support system:

The format is: the reason why you apply+coin type+wallet address (if applying for BTC, LTC, ETH(PPS+),  Grin, ZEC and ZEN, it is required to provide the username and sub-account name. Besides, it is necessary to provide the payload for PASC).

Moreover, the small balance payout application will not be accepted if your balance is less than 1 tenth of your applying coin type’s threshold (such as BTC’s threshold of F2Pool is 0.005 BTC, and if you want to apply for a small balance payout, your balance should not be less than 0.0005 BTC). Once the application is submitted, it will be done at the beginning 10 working days of next month.

Here please notice, F2Pool does not support to transfer the payout from one wallet to another.