I have already configured my miners, and hashrate is shown in my miners but why there’s no hashrate / worker online is 0 in F2Pool’s website?

  1. The time you mine is too short, please constantly mine over 10 minutes and check it again.
  2. Please confirm if your miner is mining with connecting F2Pool’s pool address (the pool address can be checked in Help Center page or the home page, labs page), if your miner is mining in other pools, the mining data such as the hashrate or workers will not be shown in F2Pool’s website.
  3. “High hash” issue. For this situation, the local hashrate can be seen, and your worker is online but no hashrate and revenue shown in F2Pool’s website. Please contact us and we will help you.
  4. If you are mining BTC, LTC or ETH (PPS+ mode), it may be possible that your workers are divided into the wrong coin type groups. If so, you can switch the coin type for your workers in “Worker” page. Afterward, power off your miner then restarts it. If it is still not works, please try to brush its firmware.
  5. The hashrate that your miner submit is too low. According to the current mining difficulty, if no share submitted or received by the pool, which may be shown as “offline” or “inactive”, it will be treated as unavailable. The way to confirm this is: check the local hashrate or the mining status page and see if there are shares accepted.