Why I can’t monitor all my rig?

Generally it is the settings problem.

Normally it caused by the worker name issues, such as miners forget to input worker name or set two rigs to same worker name.

Besides, we also need to make sure the pool URL and username or wallet address is correct.

If all these settings are correct but you still can’t find your worker in f2pool, please refer to:



How to set worker name:

Username mining:

For username mining, the worker format should be: “F2Pool username.worker name”.

Username and worker name are separated by a dot “.”

Wallet address mining:

For the coin types of wallet address mining, please configure the wallet address in the mining machine backend or the mining software configuration. Input the wallet address in the searching box on the top right corner of F2Pool website (www.f2pool.com), and click on “Go”. The miner data will be shown automatically after receiving the miner data.

The configure format should be: “wallet address.worker name”.

For Pascal coin (PASC), the Payload is also required. The configuration format is: “wallet address.Payload.worker name”.

Each of them is separated by the dot “.”.


For more details, please refer to:https://blog.f2pool.com/en/help/mining-tutorial-en/start-mining-en