Why is the mining machine working, but the miners information and revenue information cannot be found?

  1. Due to the short mining time and low hashrate of the mining machine, the mining machine has not submitted data to the mining pool. This situation can be observed for 10-15 minutes according to the mining machine’s hashrate. If it is still not displayed for a long time and the mining machine’s hashrateis acceptable, please refer to the following situations.


  1. The query method is wrong. A common misunderstanding is that the currency type of the wallet address mining is logged in to the F2Poolaccount to view. In this case, please refer to “How to check the online status of miners and mining revenue (revenue, hashrate and revenue records, etc.)”.


  1. Setting problems. For example, the user name set in the mining software and the background of the mining machine is incorrect; the set wallet address is inconsistent with the queried wallet address; forget to modify the corresponding settings (mining pool address, wallet address, etc.); spelling errors, etc. The common situation is that the hashrateis connected to other mining pools, and the wallet addresses set and inquired are inconsistent.


  1. The mining machine is idling. It is common in ASIC mining machines. It is usually caused by a power outage when the mining machine is working. The mining machine is not online when it is turned on again. Solution: Power off again and restart the mining machine.