Why there is no payout?

Please make sure that your balance has reached the threshold. If it reached but still there is no payout, please continue reading the contents below:

We have 3 steps for paying out coins.
1. F2Pool sets up a payment record based on your requirement.
2. The block chain confirms.
3. The wallet or exchange platform has received this information above.
The payout will successfully arrive to your account if these 3 steps are complete. If you still not get paid, please confirm which steps have not been finished on your account.

Here are some usual issues below:
1. Payment record / records in F2Pool, and the payment record number/txid can be seen in the transaction list. But no payment record in the trading platform or wallet.
It means the first 2 steps are completed. So please confirm it with your exchange platform. If your wallet address is a full node one, please confirm that the version of your wallet is the latest, and then delete the previous synchronous data. Afterward make a data synchronization again.
2. Payment record / records in F2Pool, but the transaction ID box shows” Processing”.
The block chain hasn’t confirmed the payout yet. The system might be busy sometimes. The time of confirmation will last longer, please be patient and wait.
3. No payment record in F2Pool.
If the balance threshold does not reach to pay at 0 am UTC. It will not be paid in this whole day.
If the minimum payout threshold has been reached, F2Pool will pay you from 0 am to 8 am UTC once per day (if you mine BTC or LTC, please ensure whether you have changed your wallet address recently, if you did, the last 3 payouts will be freeze until the 4th, when they will be paid together.)
4. All conditions above qualify, but still no payout.
Please contact us and provide your coin type and wallet address.

Besides, sometimes the system update and hashrate fluctuation may also cause a payout delay. If it happens, we will inform you in the announcement page. Please check it timely.