F2Pool Brand’s Declaration

Dear miners and digital currency investors: F2Pool (https://www.f2pool.com), founded in April 2013 in Beijing, is the world's leading and the Chinese earliest Bitcoin mining pool and the global largest comprehensive digital currency pool (hereinafter referred to as "the Group"). F2Pool owns a team of top high-tech domestic talents. Our founders - Shenyu and Wang Chun are the first domestic opinion leaders in the blockchain industry, leading the team to build the Chinese first digital currency mining platform. Its operating domain address is: https://www.f2pool.com/. "F2Pool"or "f2pool", as the abbreviation of the Group, have formed a strong awareness and influence in China and abroad. In the field of digital currency mining platforms, "F2Pool" or "f2pool" refers to the Group and have been… Read More ›

Announcement: About GIN Hard Fork

Dear F2Pool miners: GIN hard fork will occur at 2018-02-15 4:00 pm UTC. The mining algorithm will be updated to x16rt and the existing mining software will no longer support GIN mining at that time. Miners who are using the full node wallet, please update your wallet to version before the hard fork. Thank you for your notice.(https://github.com/GIN-coin/gincoin-core/releases/tag/v1.2.1.0)。 Mining tutorial:https://blog.f2pool.com/en/mining-tutorial/gin_en Read More ›

Notice of suspension of payment of ETN and GIN

Dear F2Pool customers: Recently, Cryptopia (Cryptopia Exchange) suffered from serious security vulnerabilities. Cryptopia has been shut down for maintenance and the exchange has suspended its services. Because many ETN and GIN miners use the wallet address of Cryptopia as their mining address, F2Pool will suspend the revenues payment of ETN and GIN from January 22 to avoid loss. After all Cryptopia wallet address users have replaced their ETN and GIN mining address, we will resume payment on January 25 and announce in advance. (If you are mining in F2Pool using the wallet address of Cryptopia, please complete the address modification before January 24. If the balance of the original address needs to be transferred, please contact with F2Pool customer service to… Read More ›

Grin withdrawal through F2Pool is now available!

Grin withdrawal through F2Pool is now available. Miners can create an account in the relevant exchange and add Grin payment information through the F2Pool payment settings page. The first Grin payout will occur on 17 January. Please complete your payment settings as soon as possible. F2Pool will pay as the order below: Exchanges (Bitforex,BigOne,HB.top,Galleon,Bit.cc,Bibox,Bkex), Grin wallet address (as the format: IP:port)(It is required to keep your wallet client online and the payout may have some delay). Here is the tutorial: https://blog.f2pool.com/en/mining-tutorial-en/grin_payout_en Read More ›

Announcement: Temporarily Hiding The Grin Payment Setting Page

Due to the particularity of Grin transaction, for miners to receive the Grin mining revenue smoothly, F2Pool have already partnered with some major exchanges regarding to deposit and withdraw functionality for Grin. Now we will hide the Grin payment setting page in F2Pool temporarily and resume it after updating (around 8:00 UTC). Please notice the mining will not be influenced during this time. We will inform and attach the payment setting introduction soon. Thank you for your understanding. Read More ›

About BEAM Payout

Payment time: 00:00–8:00 UTC Payout Threshold: 5 BEAM Local wallet requirements: Please select “never” option for “Expires”when generating the BEAM local wallet address(the wallet address status needs to be “never”). This address is a permanent wallet address and will not expire. After the pool paid (usually after 8:00 UTC), please log in to the wallet (please ensure that the wallet is online) and manually complete the payment confirmation. If you do not receive the coins on the same day, the transaction record in the local wallet will be displayed as "failed", please don't worry, the pool will cancel the transaction and pay the next day. Please note: Due to the particularity of the BEAM network, the current BEAM payment will… Read More ›

Highly anticipated Grin will launch in F2Pool!

F2Pool will launch the Grin mining pool at the same time as the Grin mainnet launch. Grin can be only be mined when you have already registered an F2Pool account. Mining revenue accumulate in your account. It can be withdrawn when the Grin coins can be successfully received by a wallet address. Mining software: F2Pool will support both A-card & N-card mining through Bminer, minerOS, Miner Master and MinerBabe. 4GB or more RAM is required. Exchange Platform: We are already in communication with several large exchanges in regards to deposit and withdraw functionality for Grin, and have already tested the deposit functionality successfully. If you don't have an F2Pool account, please register through the link below and enjoy mining Grin… Read More ›

Long-awaited BEAM has already been launched on F2Pool labs!

Good news, we are glad to announce that BEAM has already launched on F2Pool labs! BEAM is based on the MimbleWimble protocol, supporting both CPU and GPU mining (N card and A card, which requires the card memory is more than 4GB, and also available for GTX 1060 3G mining through minerOS software) and its revenue is higher than ETH currently. The ASIC miner such as antminer A9, Z9 are not supported. Besides, BEAM can be mined under both Windows and Linux system, but not be supported under Mac system. Mining tutorial: https://blog.f2pool.com/en/mining-tutorial-en/beam_en Official Website: https://www.beam.mw/ Blockchain explorer: https://explorer.beam.mw/blocks Exchange: None As ETH is going to have the hard fork soon, BEAM has already attracted much attention in the European and American circles,… Read More ›

The Announcement About The Required Update Of ZEN Full Node Wallet

According to the official announcement from the ZEN team, miners who use the full-node wallet must upgrade to version 2.0.16 before the block height reaches 449,312 (approximately January 18). To ensure no negative impact to normal activities, miners who are using third party wallets (such as exchanges and mobile apps) should adhere to the announcement from the third party provider. Thank you for your attention. Read More ›