Nervos’ 5th Testnet Mining Competition Results

Dear F2Pool miners, The Nervos CKB 5th testnet mining competition officially ended after the Nervos mainnet launched on 2019-11-16. Thank you very much for your participation and support. The 5th testnet mining competition is divided into three phases: Stage One Period: 2019.10.05 06:00 UTC - 2019.10.19 06:00 UTC Duration: Two weeks Reward: 12,000,000 CKB Stage Two Period: 2019.10.19 06:00:00 UTC - 2019.11.02 06:00:00 UTC Duration: Two weeks Reward: 15,000,000 CKB Stage Three Period:2019.11.02 06:00:00 UTC - 2019.11.16 06:00:00 UTC Duration: Two weeks Reward: 18,000,000 CKB Each stage of the competition has different conditions and conversion ratio. In order to thank all the miners for their strong support, F2Pool has beared the risk of orphan block to support miners' income just like the 4th test competition. According… Read More ›

CKB Mining on F2Pool!

CKB is the token of the PoW public chain project named Nervos. It’s algorithm is Eaglesong, which supports NVIDIA and AMD GPU card mining. CKB has received great attention leading up to its mainnet launch. In the past five testnet competitions, there were tens of thousands of mining machines participating in the test. Many miners are planning to Congo they their hashrate for the CKB mainnet. Nervos officially announced that the CKB mainnet “Lina” will be released on Nov 16th, 2019. As the largest CKB testnet pool, F2Pool will launch the CKB mainnet mining pool immediately at mainnet launch, to provide CKB mining services to miners. Special reminder: The mining configuration of the CKB mainnet remains the same as the… Read More ›

XVG Mining Relaunched In F2Pool!

VergeCurrency (XVG) is a Multi-Algo PoW cryptocurrency, supporting the Blake2S, Scrypt, X17, Myriad-Groestl and Lyra2REv2 algorithms, and also the first Multi-Algo cryptocurrency we launched. Due to the node synchronization issues, F2Pool had suspended the XVG pool in July 2019. F2Pool has solved the problem and it’s scheduled to relaunch the XVG mining pool on 2019-11-14. XVG also supports Scrypt algorithm, miners who have L3 and other Litecoin mining rigs have one more option to mine. Please join F2Pool and enjoy happy mining! XVG mining tutorial: Read More ›


F2Pool has launched merged mining support for ELA and NMC, to go alongside the VCASH merged mining rewards that we currently offer. Based on the current coin prices, miners could expect to earn an extra 0.1% BTC daily than they would without the rewards. Check out the daily revenue of ELA, NMC, and VCASH. Payout Ratio: As of 2019-10-23, for every 1 BTC mined, receive: - 1 ELA - 1 NMC - 5 VCASH Minimum Payout Threshold: - 0.1 ELA - 0.1 NMC - VCASH based on exchange requirements Please note: You need to set up your ELA, NMC and VCASH payout addresses in order to receive your merged mining rewards. After you add additional wallet addresses, the revenue will be paid out daily.  Supported Exchanges VCASH: BitMesh, BKEX ELA: Huobi, LBank, CoinEx, CoinEgg… Read More ›

Announcement on the closure of the ZCL pool

According to the statistics of the past three months, the mining revenue of ZCL is much lower than other crypto-currencies of similar mining machines. At the same time, the number of ZCL rigs connected to F2Pool is extremely small. After discussion, the F2Pool decided to shut down the ZCL Pool at 00:00 on October 17, 2019,UTC. If the ZCL balance is insufficient, you can edit  "ZCL+ wallet address", and submit the information through Zendesk or contact customer service to apply for  withdrawal. ZCL miners can switch to other crypto-currencies in F2Pool. The current currency for the graphics card mining is ETH, ETC, Beam, Grin and so on. The F2Pool will continue to provide miners with more and better quality crypto-currency… Read More ›

[Emergency] Notice of Temporarily Closing the ETC Pool

Dear ETC Miner, Due to the abnormal data synchronization of the ETC node, the F2Pool will suspend the ETC mining service from 23:30 on October 10, 2019. After the F2Pool's ETC node returns to normal, we will reopen the ETC pool. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, please switch your ETC mining machine to other crypto-currencies such as ETH as soon as possible. If there are other circumstances, we will notify you as soon as possible. October 10, 2019 Read More ›

Nervos CKB 4th Mining Competition Results and 5th Mining Competition Details

Dear F2Pool miners, The 4th CKB testnet mining competition has successfully completed on 2019-09-21 06:00:00 UTC. Thank you for your participation and support. The competition results are as follows: F2Pool CKB testnet total reward: 17,166,787 CKB F2Pool CKB testnet base reward: 15,413,312 CKB F2Pool CKB mainnet reward: 1,258,481 CKB *** Data from the official Nervos team. Miners rewards are calculated according to the following ratio: Conversion Ratio = F2Pool CKB mainnet reward ÷ F2Pool CKB testnet total reward = 1,258,481 ÷ 17,166,787 = 0.0733 The ratio is lower than the ratio provided by the Nervos official team for the following reasons: The CKB testnet competition block reward has four components: Base Reward, Secondary Reward, Proposal Reward, Commit Reward. For maintaining competition fairness, only… Read More ›

Announcement: About RVN Hard Fork And Algorithm Update

Dear F2Pool miners, For preventing the FPGA and ASIC miners, RVN will occur the hard fork on 2019-10-01 16:00 UTC. The mining algorithm will be updated from X16R to X16Rv2. The previous version mining software will not available. Please use the new version one after the hard fork. Miners who are using the RVN full node wallet, please update it to the version 2.5.1. Otherwise the withdraw will be unavailable. Miners who are using the RVN exchange wallet, please take a notice to the exchange platform update. RVN full node wallet: RVN mining tutorial (New algorithm):   Note: As the stability of RVN blockchain may be affected during the hard fork. F2Pool will suspend the payment of RVN mining revenue… Read More ›

Announcement: Completion of the CKB testing mining competition

Dear F2Pool miners, the fourth CKB testnet mining competition ended on 2019-09-21 6:00 UTC. After this time, there will be no revenue from mining the CKB testnet token. Please switch to mine other currencies after this time. The testnet token mined during this competition will be converted to the mainnet CKB token according to the ratio determined by F2Pool account and distributed to miners. For the payout date, please look out for updates from the CKB team. You can search your GPU card on, to view the revenue comparison among other currencies. Read More ›

Announcement: Notice regarding ETH mining through port 6688

Dear ETH miners, On 2019-09-18 between 0:40 and 2:40 UTC, ETH account mining through port 6688 encountered issues which impacted miner status and revenue viewing functions. The mining pool server was restored at 2019-09-18 2:40 UTC. Any mining losses caused by the server issue will be calculated and compensated on 2019-09-20. Furthermore, today's ETH mining payouts will be delayed until later today. Apologies for any inconvenience. Read More ›