Announcement: Cuckoo Algorithm Pool Hashrate Adjustment

The Cuckoo algorithm is used by a number of currencies, including Grin and Aeternity. Due to unique characteristics of the algorithm, the hashrate shown on the mining pool and the hashrate shown on the miner backend is different, due to different statistical methods.  The hashrate shown in the miner backend is based on the hashrate of the miner. Whereas the hashrate shown in the mining pool is based on the data received from the connected miner (the data submitted by the miner is the speed of the “Graph” which is used to calculate the hashrate). The Cuckoo algorithm requires the miner to complete N times hash calculations before submitting one graph. Because of this, the hashrate shown in the miner… Read More ›

Announcements: Closure of GIN Mining Pool

After monitoring GIN mining for the past 3 months, we have found that the number of GIN miners is very low, and the mining revenue is much lower compared with other currencies. F2Pool will shut down the GIN pool at 0:00 UTC on July 25. If your GIN balance is lower than the minimum payout threshold, please submit your GIN wallet to our customer service team to apply for a manual withdrawal. GIN miners can switch to mine other currencies in F2Pool. For Nvidia GPU cards, Grin-29 and SERO offer higher mining revenue. For AMD cards, ETC and SERO offer higher mining revenue. We will continue to provide improved services for all of our miners. Thank you for your understanding… Read More ›

Annoucnement: About SERO Update on 2019-7-23

Dear SERO miners, The SERO hard fork will occur at block 1300000, approximately at 10:00 pm UTC on 2019-7-23. To prevent any issues caused by the upgrade, F2Pool will pause SERO payouts on 2019-7-24 until the SERO network is confirmed to be stable. Furthermore, miners using the full node wallet must upgrade to v1.0.0-rc2 version or later. Thank you for your understanding! Read More ›

IMG (ImageCoin) has officially launched in F2Pool!

The IMG project can convert any image into a digital form and store it on a blockchain so that specific images can be searched. IMG is the hard fork from DASH, which has the same mining algorithm—X11, miners can use the same machine for mining, such as antminer D3, D5, FusionSilicon X7, StrongU  U6, INNOSILICON A5, A5+ and so on. The current IMG revenue is 1 time higher than DASH! Mining tutorial: Official website: Block explorer (official): Block explorer2: Network difficulty: Estimated mining hashrate and revenue:   Read More ›

GRIN Hard Fork: Please update your mining software

The GRIN hard fork was successfully completed on 2019-7-17. The GRIN wallet has been upgraded to version 2.0.0 and the C29 algorithm upgrade has also completed. GRIN miners on the C29 algorithm need to update their mining software, as the previous versions of the ming software are no longer supported. The following GRIN software is supported: NBMiner 24.1, Bminer 15.7.1, GMiner1.51 and MinerOS. If you face any issues with GRIN mining, check out our GRIN mining guide: and if you still have issues, please r contact our support team. Note: GRIN mining with the C31 algorithm is not impacted by this hard fork. Read More ›

F2Pool GRIN wallet has been upgraded to version 2.0

F2Pool has completed the GRIN wallet upgrade on 2019-7-11, and the mining revenue has been paid. For normally receive the payout after the update, if the miner uses the node wallet, please upgrade to version 2.0.0 in time to receive the mining revenue; if using the exchange platform whose wallet is not upgraded to version 2.0.0, it is unable to receive the mining revenue, and F2Pool will resume the mining revenue after the GRIN wallet upgrade is completed on all the mainstream exchange platforms. Please notice: For the “unpaid” balance caused by the node wallet or the exchange platforms (such as Kucoin) which have already updated to V2.0.0 BEFORE 2019-7-11. Please wait until F2Pool resumes the previous payout when mainstream… Read More ›

Announcement: About The Failed Grin Withdrawal

Due to the Grin hard fork on 2019-7-17, F2Pool will update the Grin wallet to V2.0.0 together with the exchange below on about 12:00 UTC 2019-7-10. V2.0.0 version wallet can not transfer the revenue to the V1.XX version after the hard fork. Hotbit Bkex Bitforex AEX Bitmesh Bibox It may cause the payout failure from 2019-7-10 to 2019-7-17 for the exchange platforms which are not listed above.  Please notice: For the node wallet or the exchange platforms (such as Kucoin) which have already updated to V2.0.0 BEFORE 2019-7-10. You can choose either wait for the payout after F2Pool has completed the update and resume the payout on 2019-7-11, or use the available wallet to withdraw. Thank you for… Read More ›

Grin price skyrocketed – F2Pool is providing more mining profits!

Good news! Grin price has increased by 77. 6% in the past week! The mining revenue is 58.7% more than ETH mining, which means Grin has become the most profitable GPU card mining coin! As one of the pools early supporting Grin mining in the whole network, also as the mining pool that found the first Grin block, F2Pool will give our miners the discounts and profits to our Grin miners! Low 1% Grin mining fees! Duration: 2019-6-26 to 2019-7-31 Activity method: All the miners who mine Grin during the event time can get the mining fee at 1%! Grin29 mining address:  stratum+tcp:// Grin31 mining address: stratum+tcp:// Mining Grin via Bminer will get 50% off on devfee! Duration: 2019-6-26 to 2019-7-2 Activity method: F2pool… Read More ›