Compensation Notice Regarding 2019-08-31 DDOS Incident

Dear miners, During the evening on 2019-08-31, F2Pool experienced large-scale DDOS attacks, causing a small number of BTC rigs to switch offline. Our team swiftly launched our emergency action plan, immediately notified impacted customers to switch to alternative stratum addresses, and quickly repaired the BTC mining pool server to minimize any losses for miners. To deal with any mining losses that our customers faced, F2Pool has decided to take the maximum value of that day's hashrate and calculate the loss of revenue during the time period of the DDOS attack according to the PPS+ payout mode. After the loss calculations are completed, F2Pool will compensate any impacted customers for the corresponding loss before 2019-09-09. If you have any other questions,… Read More ›

Announcement: About The ZCL Hard Fork

Dear ZCL miners, ZCL will occur the hard fork on Sep 5th. The mining algorithm will be updated to Equihash 192,7, which will support the GPU mining for AMD and Nvidia card, and no longer support the ASIC mining machine (A9,A9+,Z9,Z9MINI, etc) . Miners who are using the ASIC miners please switch to ZEC or ZEN to mine to prevent unecessary losses. Mining tutorial: Read More ›

CKB (Nervos) Testnet Mining Has Launched In F2Pool!

CKB (Nervos) Testnet Mining Has Launched In F2Pool! CKB testnet mining is supported! CKB is the token on Nervos chain. Nervos official team will hold the 4th phase mining event from 6:00 UTC on Sep 7th to 6:00 UTC on Sep 21st. Miners can join the CKB testnet mining competition through F2Pool. The testnet token mined during this event will be calculated as the mainnet CKB according to the ratio recorded in the F2Pool account. The mainnet CKB will be paid after the CKB mainnet launches (the 4th season of 2019). The mining algorithm of CKB is Ealgesong. It supports the Nvidia GPU card mining. Join F2Pool Telegram group to obtain more details! [CKB Testnet Mining Tutorial] Read More ›

Upcoming BEAM Hard Fork

The BEAM hard fork will occur on block 321321 around 2019-08-15 18:00 UTC.  The mining algorithm will be updated after the hard fork. Many previous versions of mining software will no longer work. The following mining software will switch to the new mining algorithm automatically: GMiner 1.55 (AMD and Nvidia cards, with more than 3GB card memory) lolminer 0.8.6(AMD only) To prevent any missed mining revenue, we strongly advise our miners to use mining software which can automatically switch the mining algorithm. Please read the BEAM mining tutorial and configure the algorithm auto switch, so your mining machine can mine normally after the hard fork. As a special reminder, for any miners using the official full node wallet, please make sure to update… Read More ›

Announcement: About The Adjustment Of Increasing The DOGE Payout Ratio

Dear miners: LTC has completed the hard fork on the block height 1680000 around 10:16 UTC on 2019-8-5. The block reward is changed from the previously 25 LTC to the currently 12.5 LTC. LTC mining revenue is affected. For increasing the LTC mining revenue and helping miners to earn more, F2Pool will adjust the DOGE payout ratio from 2019-8-7. Mine 1 LTC, earn 2000 DOGE (earn 1200 DOGE before). After the adjustment, LTC mining revenue will be increased by 2.5%! F2Pool is trying our best to provide the best mining services for miners! If you have any suggestions, please email us at Thank you for all the trust and support! Please download F2Pool APP, to obtain more great mining… Read More ›

Announcement: Cuckoo Algorithm Pool Hashrate Adjustment

The Cuckoo algorithm is used by a number of currencies, including Grin and Aeternity. Due to unique characteristics of the algorithm, the hashrate shown on the mining pool and the hashrate shown on the miner backend is different, due to different statistical methods.  The hashrate shown in the miner backend is based on the hashrate of the miner. Whereas the hashrate shown in the mining pool is based on the data received from the connected miner (the data submitted by the miner is the speed of the “Graph” which is used to calculate the hashrate). The Cuckoo algorithm requires the miner to complete N times hash calculations before submitting one graph. Because of this, the hashrate shown in the miner… Read More ›

Announcements: Closure of GIN Mining Pool

After monitoring GIN mining for the past 3 months, we have found that the number of GIN miners is very low, and the mining revenue is much lower compared with other currencies. F2Pool will shut down the GIN pool at 0:00 UTC on July 25. If your GIN balance is lower than the minimum payout threshold, please submit your GIN wallet to our customer service team to apply for a manual withdrawal. GIN miners can switch to mine other currencies in F2Pool. For Nvidia GPU cards, Grin-29 and SERO offer higher mining revenue. For AMD cards, ETC and SERO offer higher mining revenue. We will continue to provide improved services for all of our miners. Thank you for your understanding… Read More ›