Come And Enjoy The Great CLO Mining Revenue In F2Pool!

CLO has been listed in F2Pool lab! F2Pool and CLO team would like to offer a great mining present: In addition to the basic revenue, miners who mine CLO in F2Pool this week, will receive an additional 180CLO reward of each block (normally it should be 420CLO for each block). The mining revenue will increase by 42.8 %. Activity time: 2019-05-13 until 2019-05-19. Reward distribution: The reward will be finalized on 05-21 and issued on 05-22. Mining tutorial: Read More ›

F2Pool 6th Anniversary! ETH rewards has been issued!

To celebrate the 6th Anniversary of F2Pool, we are holding a BTC and ETH promotion. Please see the details below. BTC Promotion Activity Details: From May 1st to May 20th, miners who mine BTC with F2Pool will participate in the prize pool of a 6 BTC reward. The greater your hash rate, the more rewards you can receive! The activity is divided into two phases, each prize pool is 3 BTC, totaling 6 BTC for the entire campaign. The first phase will be held from May 1st to May 9th, and the prizes will be issued on May 10th. The second phase will be held from May 10th to May 19th, and the prizes will be issued on May 20th.… Read More ›

ZEL has officially launched in F2Pool!

ZEL, the full name of ZelCash, relies on zero-knowledge proof to provide private anonymous transactions, and can also publish a cross-chain decentralized development platform. Its mining algorithm is Equihash 144, 5, supports GPU mining, does not support A9, Z9, Z11 and other ASIC mining machines. Related information is as follows: Mining tutorial: Official website link: Block Browser: Total: 210 million Consensus: PoW/Masternodes Block time: 120s Block reward: 150 ZEL (75% PoW + 25% MNs, halved every 2.5 years) Read More ›

Announcement about the abnormality of F2Pool website

Dear customers, F2Pool website is suffering abnormality, resulting in some miners' "24h hashrate" display errors,and there are kinds of coins' monitoring webpage is unavailable . We are making every effort to repair the problem, which does not affect your mining and revenues. When the problem is recovered, F2Pool will inform you at the first time. Read More ›

Announcement: Update on HDAC payout on April 9

On April 8, due to the problem of HDAC blockchain network, F2Pool was restricted to mine block. Recently, we have found the reasons and contacted with HDAC development team to discuss solution. However, HDAC development team have not given a clear answer so far. In order to process payments as soon as possible, some of the miners’ revenue were paid in F2Pool on April 9. However, we would like to apologize because we didn’t notice our customers in time, causing misunderstanding. F2Pool takes the loss and compensates to all the HDAC miner so far . The delayed payout on April 9 has been processed to our miners today. Thank you for your support and understanding. Read More ›

VBK has officially launched on F2Pool!

VBK (VeriBlock) officially launched on F2Pool! Using the vBlake2b algorithm, VBK is a solution to protect other secondary blockchains through BTC network hashrate, which can effectively help other blockchains to withstand 51% power attack and double spend attack. The algorithm supports GPU mining (supporting N card, A card), and can mine under Windows and Linux. Mining tutorial: Official Website: Block Explorer: Wallet:Install the Java base;Official wallet (Currently there are no exchange platform supporting VBK)。 Read More ›

KMD(Komodo) has launched on F2Pool labs

KMD has officially launched on F2Pool! Equihash200.9 algorithm (the same as ZEC), supporting ASIC mining. Mining tutorial: Website: Block Explorer:, Exchanges: Binance;Huobi Read More ›

Announcement: F2Pool On Raising The Payout Proportion Of DOGE

In order to improve the mining revenue for F2Pool miners, from March 20th, F2Pool will raise the proportion of DOGE, from the previous scale: 1 LTC to give 1000 DOGE, up to 1200 DOGE for each LTC. Litecoin miners please ensure that the DOGE coin wallet address is bound, binding method: login F2Pool account - Account Settings - Payment Settings, Choose LTC option, and add DOGE wallet address. Read More ›

Announcement: About The failure of Grin Payout To Gate Exchange

Due to the upgrade of the wallet address by, the Grin revenue in the past few days could not be paid to the Gate exchange. Miners using the Gate wallet address please re-acquire (new website, and use the new wallet address. For the failed payout, you need to edit: the currency Grin29 or Grin31+ username + the old and new wallet address, contact the F2Pool customer service or submit in our support system, and apply to transfer to the new address. Thank you for your understanding. Read More ›