How To Monitor Miners And Obtain The Offine Alarm?

Currently, mining machines can be monitored via F2Pool App. Download the App through App shop, App Store or F2Pool official website ( Then choose “allow the notification” to set up default for receiving the offline alarm notification while installing. For users mining of BTC, LTC, ETH (PPS+) and GRIN, please log in through the F2Pool account. For other coins (wallet address mining), please choose “Quick View”, choose the coin type and input the wallet address (If pay ID is required, input the information as the format: wallet ID). Read More ›

What is maintainer mode?

Maintainer mode is a new launched function of F2Pool. Which is designed for miner farm’s maintainer to monitor all the status of current account by using the specific maintainer password to sign in. Besides that, no configuration is available under this mode. If it is needed, please configure it through the main account password. Read More ›