The meaning of hashrate and mine

In the mining of digital currency, we often hear a word called “hashrate”. For example, Antminer S9’s hashrate is 13.5T, Antminer L3+ is 504M hashrate. Hashrate, stands for the calculating ability of a miner, is a data to evaluate the miner performance. Specifically, it refers to the calculating times per second of a miner in a whole hash algorithm. Mining is a process of submitting shares to the pool by a large number of calculations for obtaining a cryptographic currency. Read More ›

Hashrate Unit Conversion

The hashrate is divided into one unit per thousand. The smallest one is Hash/s, standing for one time per second. 1Khash/s=1000Hash/s;1Mhash/s=1000Khash/s 1Ghash/s=1000Mhash/s; 1Thash/s=1000Ghash/s; 1Phash/s=1000Thash/s; 1Ehash/s=1000Phash/s. Hash/s can also refer to as H/s Besides, due to the different algorithms, Zcash (ZEC) and some other coins use a different hashrate unit name called “sol/s”, but it is essentially no differences, and it equals H/s. Read More ›

How to mine in F2Pool?

We suggest you to read our tutorial in Help Center to have a basic understand about crypto currency mining first. You need to have your own miners and start mining then. There are some popular miners listed: After you having your own miners and deciding which coin that you want to mine, you can start mining with our tutorial: Please join F2Pool and we hope you enjoy mining with us! Read More ›

How to choose a mining machine?

Choosing a mining machine, is actually an investigation choice, regardless of the limitation of the coin type you want to mine or the mining machines (more details):, before you choose a mining machine, here you can consider the advantages and disadvantages between ASIC miner and GPU miner. ASIC miner Advantages: 1. The single hashrate is relatively larger; 2. More convenience to manage a large number of miners; 3. Easy to configure and move, the ASIC miner mining is more stable. Disadvantages: 1. only available to mine the relevant algorithm coins; 2. Noisier; 3. Hard to keep its value. GPU miner Advantages: 1. Flexible to switch to other coins to mine according to the revenue comparison; 2. Less noise and… Read More ›