Why pool shows less hashrate than miner?

Please judge it by the pool 24 hours hashrate value, mine constantly over 24 hours and make a comparison between the local and web hashrate then. Please check and confirm if it is caused by the network delay, severe overclocking, high HW, mining hardware failure. If for ASIC miner, please try to “Ping” our pool address and see if the connection is good. The miner machine’s hashrate is too high, the mining difficulty mismatches. Generally, the local hashrate and the hashrate shown in the pool will not be the same all the time, here is an explanation of” Why pool shows less hashrate than miner?” by Claymore official: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1433925.0 Read More ›

In my GPU miner machines, there’s one or two GPU card that are not working / showing 0 hashrate. Why?

This issue, which is commonly seen in ETH mining, may be caused by lacking virtual memory, not enough voltage, or miner system issues. Swap sequences of different GPU cards, start your mining software again and check if it is caused by one or two single cards. If so, it means something is wrong with your GPU cards. If it is not, please try to increase your virtual memory, institute or increase the power and see whether it works. If it is still not works, please install the original Win10 system and try again. Read More ›

I have already configured my miners, and hashrate is shown in my miners but why there’s no hashrate / worker online is 0 in F2Pool’s website?

The time you mine is too short, please constantly mine over 10 minutes and check it again. Please confirm if your miner is mining with connecting F2Pool’s pool address (the pool address can be checked in Help Center page or the home page, labs page), if your miner is mining in other pools, the mining data such as the hashrate or workers will not be shown in F2Pool’s website. “High hash” issue. For this situation, the local hashrate can be seen, and your worker is online but no hashrate and revenue shown in F2Pool’s website. Please contact us and we will help you. If you are mining BTC, LTC or ETH (PPS+ mode), it may be possible that your workers… Read More ›

What should I do if my rejection rate is high?

Network communication problems lead to packet loss and delay. Please check if it is OK about your net wires and network status. Something goes wrong with your miner system and mining software, please use the original mining software, and check if there’s any parameters in red, which maybe the overlocking too much or other issues. The errors of the miner hardware. Read More ›

How to add a worker?

BTC/LTC/ETH(PPS+)/Grin: is needed to add workers in your miners backstage, the format is: username.number. For instance, if your mining account username is wfj, the worker name would be: wfj.001, wfj.002, one worker name relates to one number. For other coin types which is available for ASIC miners, please log in your miner’s backstage. The format should be: wallet address.worker number. For other coins mined by GPU miners: it is needed to add workers in your mining software, for more details please go and check our mining tutorial in the help center page. https://www.f2pool.com/help/start-mining   Read More ›