Popular coins and miners available

You can refer to the "Main" and "Labs" tab on Homepage or related articles on Help page of F2Pool to find the coins that F2Pool supports. And you can also find the available miners for a specific coin on Popular Miners page. There are some popular coins we support and the miners for these coins below: BTC/BCHABC/BCHSV/DGB-SHA256d: Avalon 1166/1146/A10 series/ A9 series, Whatsminer M30S/M20 series/M10 series, INNOSILICON T3 series/T2 series, Antminer S17 series/T17 series/S15/T15 series/S9 series, Ebit E12/E11/E10 and so on. LTC/XVG-Scrypt/DGB-Scrypt: FusionSilicon X6, INNOSILICON A6/A4+, Antminer L3++/L3+, BW L21. GRIN29/GRIN31: GPU (AMD & Nvidia). GRIN32: GPU (AMD & Nvidia), ASIC miner. ZEC/ZEN: INNOSILICON A9++/A9, Antminer Z11/Z9/Z9 mini. ETH/ETC/ETP/CLO: GPU (AMD & Nvidia, ETH and ETC require the video memory should be more than 4GB), ASIC miner such… Read More ›

What are Share, A/R, and rejection rate?

Share: the number of calculated results which your miners submit to the miner pool. A: Share accepted. R: Share rejected. The number of shares rejected because those shares don't meet the requirement of servers. The rejection rate: The proportion of the rejected shares number accounted for the total submitted number. Tips: The rejection rate for BTC and LTC is floating around 0.3%, and 0.4 for ZEC, 3% for ETH/ETC. Read More ›