How to withdraw the revenue which is not enough to reach the threshold?

The revenue can not be paid automatically if your balance does not reach the threshold. If you need to withdraw your balance for private reason, wallet issue or other aspects, please apply for a small balance payout in the support system. The format is : the reason why you apply+coin type+wallet address (if applying for BTC, LTC and ETH(PPS+), it is required to provide the worker name. Besides, it is necessary to provide the payment ID for XMC, XMR and ETN, if no payment ID, just ignore it). Moreover, the small balance payout application will not be accepted if your balance is less than 1 tenth of your applying coin type's threshold (such as BTC's threshold of F2Pool is 0.005, and if you… Read More ›

Why there is no payout?

Please make sure that your balance has reached the threshold. If it reached but still there is no payout, please continue reading the contents below: We have 3 steps for paying out coins. 1. F2Pool sets up a payment record based on your requirement. 2. The block chain confirms. 3. The wallet or exchange platform has received this information above. The payout will successfully arrive to your account if these 3 steps are complete. If you still not get paid, please confirm which steps have not been finished on your account. Here are some usual issues below: 1. Payment record / records in F2Pool, and the payment record number/txid can be seen in the transaction list. But no payment record… Read More ›

The threshold and fees for each coin

Coin Type (Sort by initials)  Mode Fees (%) Threshold AE PPS 2 5 AION PPS 5 10 BCD PPS 3 0.1 BCHABC PPS 3 0.1 BCHSV PPS 3 0.1 BEAM PPS 2 5 BHD PPLNS 0.5 1 BTC PPS+ 2.5 0.005 BTM PPS 3 5 CKB PPS Not paid yet CLO PPS 3 500 DASH PPS 2 0.1 DCR PPS 3 0.1 DERO PPS 3 10 DGB PPS 5 500 ELA - - 0.1 ETC PPS 5 0.1 ETH(PPS) PPS 3 0.1 ETH(PPS+) PPS+ 2.5 0.1 ETP PPS 3 5 GRIN PPS 3 3 GRV PPS 4 100 HC PPS 3 0.1 HDAC PPS 5 100 HYC PPS 5 1000 IMG PPS 3 20 LTC PPS 4 0.02 LUX PPS… Read More ›