How to view my mining information in F2Pool?

Visit the F2Pool website to view your revenue, hashrate, and payment records. For address mining, you can use the Search function from our website or mobile app. The Search function can be found in the top right corner of the webpage (or from the drop-down menu in the top right on our mobile website). Enter your wallet address, select the currency and click Go to view the summary page. For account mining, you can log in to the F2Pool dashboard to view your mining information. Read More ›

How to check the mining information (hashrate, revenue, payout records)

There are 2 mining modes in F2pool. Username mining and wallet address mining. The methods for checking revenue for these 2 mode are different. Username mining, BTC, LTC, ETH (PPS+), Grin mining information can be checked through 3 methods below: F2Pool website, log in the F2Pool account in switch the coin types on the top right corner, check the revenue in “Home” page. Read only link. Log in the F2Pool account——Account Settings——Mining accounts, choose and create the read-only link. The relevant mining account and revenue can be checked by viewing the created link. F2Pool App. Download the F2Pool App through the App shop, App store or F2Pool website ( The information can be obtained after logging in through the… Read More ›

How many coins can I mine per day?

The calculation formula is: hashrate per 24h * estimated revenue per 24h. The estimated revenue can be obtained in Help Center page: And you can also evaluate it through the calculator in home or the labs page, according to the coin type you mine. Besides, you can view the “Hot Miner” page, and calculate your mining revenue more specific by considering the miner type, miner price and coin’s network difficulty, etc. Tips: The mining difficulty is constantly changing for some coins such as ZEC, ETH, ETC, which will lead to the change of estimated revenue per 24h’s value. Therefore, the calculating result is only for the reference. Read More ›