VCASH Withdrawal Tutorial

Currently F2Pool supports the withdrawal of VCASH mining revenue. The deposit and withdraw supported exchange platforms are listed as below: Exchange website Payout Threshold Wallet format Bkex  0.01 VCASH wallet address(format:https://……)   After the exchange account registration, find out the VCASH deposit option, to obtain the VCASH wallet address. Due to the different deposit requirement of each exchange platform, please withdraw when the VCASH balance is enough to reach the threshold to prevent unecessary losses. How to withdraw: Ⅰ. Configure the wallet address a. Go to F2Pool official website (, and log in the F2Pool account. b. After logging in, click on the downside list on the top right corner of the page, choose "Account Settings", and then choose… Read More ›

Vite Wallet tutorial (For Grin)

F2Pool has partnered with Vite wallet to support the withdrawal of Grin revenue. You can use the wallet node URL to withdraw GRIN coins. Mobile Wallet APP Download Link: Vite wallet is an open-source and multiple-coins-supported HD mobile wallet. Github Code: Note:If using Grin wallet address to receive mining revenues,please do select the “wallet address”,when you choose the address type you deposit Grin. The process of withdrawing coins is as follows: 1, Visit the F2Pool official website ( and log in to the F2Pool account. 2, After successfully login, click the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the page and select “Account Settings”. 3 ,The window will appear as shown in the picture below. Click… Read More ›

Grin Payout Tutorial

F2Pool has partnered with some of the major exchanges to support the withdrawal of Grin revenue. You can use the wallet node URL or bind your account information on the exchange to withdraw GRIN coins. The exchanges that currently support using account info to receive Grin's withdrawal are as follows: Exchanges Official website Withdrawal information Bitforex      Your UID on the exchange AEX Your UID on the exchange Your UID on the exchange Bibox Your UID on the exchange Bkex  Your UID on the exchange Bgogo Your UID on the exchange  Note: UID is your ID number on the exchange, the only identification information. If you are unsure of your UID information, please communicate… Read More ›

SiaClassic Full Node Wallet Tutorial

There is no SiaClassic official wallet released by now, and SiaClassic can be temporarily saved in the Siacoin full node wallet under 1.3.4 version. Ⅰ. Obtain the wallet application  Please download the full node wallet application under "Sia-UI v1.3.4" version. 【Full Node Wallet URL】 Unzip it after downloading. Ⅱ. Setup or recover your wallet through seed words Open the wallet file folder, find out the "Sia-UI" file and double click on it, to setup the new wallet address or recover your wallet by seed words. For more details, please consider: SC full node wallet tutorial Ⅲ. Change the SiaClassic official node to synchronize the node data After completing the steps above, the obtained wallet address can be used to mine. However, the… Read More ›

XMR Full Node Wallet Tutorial

Install the wallet and data synchronization Firstly, go to the download page of  XMR official website, and download the latest version. Unzip and open the wallet file, as below: Choose your language and area. If you set up your wallet for the first time, please notice to choose "Mainet" and continue, otherwise the wallet may not support the transaction. Then set up your wallet name, and please keep your seed words safe, which will relevant to your wallet recover or backup. Then set up your login password, and choose a node to start data synchronization, which may take a long time if for initial use. Obtain the wallet address  Click on "Settings", then memorize and keep your keys and… Read More ›

DASH Full Node Wallet Tutorial

Wallet install and data synchronization Download the full node wallet on dash official webiste: Here we take Windows-64 as an example, download and open the file, click on "Next" Choose the saving path, please do not save it in the system disk, then click on "Next". Setup the shortcut, and click on "Install". Click on "Next" after finishing the install, then choose "Finish". Choose the saving position, for keeping the block synchronous data, please allow at least 12G disk spaces. Click on "OK". The wallet will automatically start to synchronize the block data. Please notice, it will take a little bit long time to make a data synchronization for the first time. The page will show as below afterwards. Obtain… Read More ›

Obtain The SC Wallet Address——Poloniex Exchange

Ⅰ. Open Poloniex website: Click and move to the registration page, as below: Check and confirm the email named do-not-reply after registration, and open the link in the email contents by the browser, and there will be the Verification, please wait for the review after the steps above. Verification Photo format as below: Ⅱ. When the review completes, click on the "BALANCES" on the top right of the page ,then click on "DEPOSITS&WITHDRAWALS" in the following list. 三、Find "SC" in the Coin label, and click on the relevant "Deposit"  And after clicking on it, there will be a wallet address shown as below. copy and paste it into your mining software, or ASIC miner configuration page. Read More ›

Obtain The SC Wallet Address——Full Node Wallet

Ⅰ. Download Windows — 64-bit: Linux — 64-bit: macOS — 64-bit: Unzip the downloaded file. Ⅱ. Open the unzipped folder, and find the file named ”Sia-UI.exe”, double click on it. ⅲ. Click on “Wallet” in the left list, and choose” Create a new wallet” Ⅳ. Copy and keep safe the wallet seed and password as the picture mentioned below (Please notice, to keep your wallet seed and password safe, never share it with others. Otherwise the coins inside will be taken out from someone else), then click on” I have written these down in a safe place”. Paste the copied wallet seed and password into the box below (the seed and password is the same at the beginning), then… Read More ›