BCD (Bitcoin Diamond) Mining Tutorial

BCD (Bitcoin Diamond) is the hard for coin based on BTC, which is generated on the block height 495866. BCD is adviced to mine through N card. Part 1 — Mining Equipment And Environment Support: GPU mining (Mainstream Nvidia card) System: Windows,Linux,Mac. Mining software: minerOS Easy miner CCminer Part 2 — Obtain BCD Wallet Address Exchange Here are the exchange platforms that BCD lists. Please note: Regulatory policies related to cryptocurrency mining differ in each country, and each miner is responsible to understand the associated risks. Official wallet:  https://www.bitcoindiamond.org/download/ Currently the full node wallet requires at least 203 GB memory space to save the synchronous data. If there are not enough hard disk spaces please use the soft wallet or the exchange wallet. Other third-party wallet: … Read More ›