BCHSV Mining Tutorial

BCHSV, referred to as Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Version, is a full node implementation of Bitcoin cash and will be committed to the bitcoin vision articulated by Nakamoto Satoshi in the 2008 White Paper, "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System." The algorithm of BCHSV is SHA256, which is available for BTC rigs, such as antminer S9, What's miner M10, innosilicon T2T, Snowpanther A1, etc. Notice: Being different from BTC mining through username, the BCHSV mining is through wallet address. Here is the mining outline: Ⅰ. Obtain wallet address 【Official Website】:https://bitcoinsv.io/ 【Full Node Wallet】:https://github.com/bitcoin-sv/bitcoin-sv/releases Currently, the wallet of Windows version has not been released, only the Linux version is available. 【Exchange】:Gate, Hitbtc Notice: The country’s regulatory policies on exchanges are not uniform, and the relevant risks… Read More ›