BFC (Bitfree Cash) Mining Tutorial

Bitcoin Free Cash (BFC), is a new cryptocurrency based on the Mortgage Business Model. The mining algorithm is Cuckoo Cycle. Mortgage enough BFC (300 BFC per 1 Kh/s) to obtain the full mining revenue. Otherwise, the mining revenue is 30%. Part 1 — Mining Equipment and Environment Support: Nvidia card and AMD card (Requires at least 6 GB card memory) Algorithm: Cuckoo Cycle Official Website: Mining Software: GMiner (Nvidia & AMD card) NBMiner (Nvidia card) Part 2 — Sign Up Sign up and wait for the confirmation email. Log in to your account. After configuring your own username,  the wallet address can be added in the "Account Settings" - "Payout Settings" The default mining mode is without the mortgage, which can obtain 30% of the mining… Read More ›