BHD (BitcoinHD) Mining tutorial

BHD is a cryptocurrency using CPoC (Conditioned Proof of Capacity), which is a conditional capacity proof, and is drilled using a hard disk (mine machine). Compared to PoW mining, CPoC mining is more green and energy efficient, lower power consumption, lower noise and anti-ASIC. F2Pool currently support ecological pool mining, without the need to mortgage BHD, mining in this way, the block reward for each block is 7.5 BHD (currently the complete block reward is 25 BHD per block), that is, 30% Block rewards. Part 1 — Preparation Go to F2Pool website and register the account ( Download the BHD full node wallet and mining software Blagominer 【Mega Disk】 Or obtain through the links below: Full node wallet: Part 2— Account configuration 2.1… Read More ›