CKB (Nervos) Testnet Mining Tutorial

CKB is the token of Nervos chain. Here is the 4th phase testnet mining tutorial. This mining event will start from 6:00 UTC on Sep 7th, to 6:00 UTC on Sep 21st. More details: Part 1 — Mining Equipment And Environment Algorithm: Eaglesong Support: Nvidia GPU card Mining software: Bminer (The official CKB miner software is not supported) NBMiner(A card & N card both supported) Part 2 — Obtain CKB Wallet Address 2.1 Download the wallet Currently only command wallet is available. First please download the wallet as below: GitHub: Choose the wallet version according to the system. Here we take Windows as the example. For Windows 64-digit: 2.2 Unzip the wallet folder and operate the file through cmd You can save the folder on the… Read More ›