DASH Mining Tutorial

Ⅰ. Preparation Hardware: Dash miner D3, the power, a net wire, a PC. Download the software for searching IP:https://mega.nz/#F!McgRFCDC!8h0mFdcuJ_pAIMRsqvE-fQ The DASH wallet address could be obtained via kinds of methods, such as COBO wallet (which is a wallet App focusing on providing the cryptocurrency saving service, we recommend it for its convenience, stability and safety). Ⅱ. Miner Assembly Connect the net wire with the miner’s net port. 2. Then connect the power wires, insert these into miners, and connect 10 wirings between the control panel and patch panel. Turn on the power afterwards, while the light of the miner is on, and miner is started. Ⅲ. Searching Miner’s IP On another computer in the same LAN (referred to as "Management… Read More ›