DCR (Decred) Mining Tutorial

Decred, referred to as DCR, is an autonomous digital currency. Through a hybrid consensus system, stakeholders can develop rules that are built into decentralized, sustainable, and autonomous currencies. Part 1 — Mining Equipment And Environment Algorithm: Blake256r14 Official website: https://www.decred.org/ Block explorer (1): https://mainnet.decred.org/ Block explorer (2): https://explorer.dcrdata.org/ Estimated mining hashrate and revenue: https://www.f2pool.com/miners?currency_code=dcr#list-head Part 2 —Obtain wallet address 【Full-node wallet】:https://www.decred.org/downloads/ 【Exchange】: Huobi, Binance Part 3 — Miner Configuration Input the miner's IP address in the browser, and go through the miner backstage. Pool URL:stratum+tcp://dcr.f2pool.com:5730 User/Worker:wallet address.worker name (there is a dot "." for separating the wallet address and worker name. Worker name can be customized to distinguish the mining machines, both numbers or letters are fine) Password: any word, such as 123. After confirmation, save the settings,… Read More ›