DCR (Decred) Mining Tutorial (Video Card & ASIC Miner)

Below is a foolproof instruction on how to use GPU and ASIC miners to mine DCR on F2Pool. Obtain wallet address Like the mining process of all other digital currencies, there shall be a wallet address in the first place to receive mining profits. This address can be obtained through the following ways: 【Full-node wallet】:https://www.decred.org/downloads/ 【Webpage wallet】:https://www.decred.org/downloads/ 【Exchange】: https://bittrex.com/ https://poloniex.com/ ​ Obtain mining software DCR can be mined using GPU miner or ASIC miner(s). A mining software, which can be obtained via the following link, is required during mining with GPU miner: 【F2Pool version】 https://pan.baidu.com/s/1thQWQg-GTUw7TXK8HforxQ (Baidu Netdisk) https://mega.nz/#F!MRBR2SpY!vx9I_HAeO7sRNInL97O1iA (MEGA Cloud Disk) 【Official recommended software】 https://www.decred.org/downloads/ (It is suggested to use official recommended software. Refer to the tutorial for configuration of mining parameters)… Read More ›