DGB (DigiByte) Mining Tutorial

DigiByte referred to as DGB, is a public, fast-developing and highly decentralized blockchain system, which supports multiple-algorithm mining. Currently, F2Pool has launched the DGB mining pool of Sha256d algorithm. Miners can use the Sha256d (available for BTC miners), Skein, Qubit, Groestl (Baikal-X miner), Scrypt (available for LTC miners) algorithms ASIC miners to mine.   Ⅰ. Obtain The Wallet Address And Mining Software DGB Official Website 【Official Web】: https://www.digibyte.co/ Obtain the Wallet 【Full Node Wallet】: https://www.digibyte.co/digibyte-wallet-downloads Here is the official wallet download link. Besides, DGB Official has also recommended another third-party wallet, which can be obtained from the link above as well. 【Exchange Wallet】 Bittrex:https://bittrex.com/ Huobi Pro:https://www.huobi.com/zh-cn/ Here we will not list all the supported exchanges one by one due to… Read More ›