ETH (Ethereum) Mining Tutorial

Ethereum, is an open source public blockchain platform with smart protocol functionality. Its cryptocurrency ETH (Ether), is the global digital currency ranking the 2nd one by market capitalization. The Ethereum blockchain has many good applications and prospect. Currently, ETH is a POW mining cryptocurrency, under the Ethash algorithm, and is supported by GPU miner and some custom-design miners. 【ETH Official Website】        【ETH Blockchain Explorer】          【ETH Forum】 Here we will make a specific introduction focusing on how these miners work in F2Pool. Ⅰ. Obtain the wallet address 【Soft Wallet】:cobo wallet(recommended), Cobo is a wallet application focusing on providing cryptocurrency saving, with convenience, stability, and safety. 【Exchange Wallet】:  ETH is supported by many well-known exchange platform, and… Read More ›

ETH / ETC (Ethereum / Ethereum Classic) Mining Tutorial

ETH mining on F2Pool is registration-free and adopts the PPS+ capital preservation distribution mode; See the Help page at for PPS rate, F2Pool mining address, 24-hour theoretical income and more information. Account is settled automatically from GMT 8:00 am . Payment is made to the specified address within 8 hours after the settlement. Payment is made once per day. Payment threshold is 0.1ETH/ETC. No real-time incomes would arrive at the address of a remittee who has just started mining until “share accepted” is shown in the mining software. Mining pool delay as seen in the mining software is normally smaller than 2000 ms, or should be smaller than 500 ms under good networking condition. Please inspect your networking if it exceeds… Read More ›