ETN (Electroneum) Mining Tutorial

Currently, ETN can be mined by video card (N-card and A-card) and some ASIC miners (white card N/N+, A8/A8+, X3 and other ASIC miners supporting Cryptonight algorithm). Both Windows and Linux systems can be mined. However, now the hashrate of the ASIC miners exceeds the video card hashrate by a hundred times, even a thousand times, and the profit of the video card mining is not very good. It is recommended that the ASIC miners be used for mining before the ETN algorithm is adjusted. I, Mining Outline: ETN official information: ​ 【official website link】: The methods to get a wallet address: 【Official wallet】:Create an account on the official website at: . Please use the “Public Wallet Address” on the… Read More ›