ETP (Metaverse ETP) Mining Tutorial

Metaverse ETP, referred to as ETP, is a decentralized public block chain project, taking Ethash algorithm, which means the same as ETH. So ETH's mining software is available to ETP, supporting Nivdia card and AMD card, and the memory should be not less than 2G. Here is the tutorial outline below: Ⅰ. Obtain The Wallet Address ETP official: 【Full node wallet and other third-party wallet】: 【Exchange】: TOPBTC, Bitfinex Note: The countries' regulatory policies on exchanges are not uniform, and the related risks are borne by the miners.  Ⅱ. Obtain The Mining Software F2Pool version (A card and N card): 【Mega Disk】 Original version :【Claymore】 【Bminer】(Only available for N card) Ⅲ. Parameter Configuration 1. Claymore Obtain the mining software above, unzip and… Read More ›