GRIN Mining Tutorial

We are extremely excited to welcome GRIN - the second implementation of MimbleWimble protocol - to our cryptocurrency family after BEAM. With characteristics of privacy and scalability, GRIN is expected to be a highly popular cryptocurrency for our GPU miners. The mining algorithms are Cuckarood29 and Cuckaroo31. The requirement of GPU memory for Cuckarood29 is lower than Cuckaroo31. Key information Algorithm: Cuckarood29, Cuckaroo31 Supported: GPU miners Consensus: PoW Website: Block explorer: Part 1 - Mining equipment and environment Mining equipment: Support GPU mining (Nvidia & AMD, at least 4G RAM). Operating system: Windows and Linux. Mac is currently not supported. Mining software: GMiner (NVIDIA, at least 4G RAM) lolminer(AMD) Part 2 - Obtain GRIN Wallet Address GRIN requires a username to mine.… Read More ›