F2Pool Mining Guide – Kadena (KDA)

About Kadena (KDA) The Kadena (KDA) mining algorithm is Blake2S, which supports GPU and FPGA mining. Both Nvidia and AMD GPU cards can be used to mine KDA. 1.  Obtain suitable hardware ✓ KDA can be efficiently mined with GPU  (both Nvidia and AMD) and FPGA equipment ✗ KDA cannot be efficiently mined with ASIC or CPU equipment 2.  Obtain a wallet address A KDA wallet address can be obtained with the official full node: Download Link Download and install the full node, and click "Receive" after installation to get the wallet address. Note: Only macOS is supported. 3.  Obtain mining software KDA mining software can be obtained in two ways: ✓ F2Pool version (Nvidia): Link 1, Link 2 Note:… Read More ›