PASC (Pascal Coin) Mining Tutorial

Pascal Coin, abbreviation as: PASC, is a completely original cryptocurrency with a pioneering new technology Safebox. It is the first cryptocurrency that breaks the barrier of 100 trades per second. Pascal-coin's structure has certain originality in terms of large-scale smart contracts in the form of Second Layer agreement. Written in Pascal language, with mechanism of preventing double spending, not ICO, no pre-mining. Its operating mechanism is similar to a bank account; the wallet address is short and easy to remember. PASC had hard forks on the morning of November 15, 2018, and the algorithm was upgraded. At present, only CPU and graphics card mining are supported. In addition, ETH+PASC dual mining is not supported at present. 【PASC official website link】     【Bitcointalk link】  【PASC Block Explorer】      I: The methods to get a wallet address:… Read More ›