PGN (Pigeon Coin) Mining Tutorial

PigeonCoin, which is short for PGN, is a new coin after optimizing the algorithm of RVN, with smallhashrate fluctuation, and the ability of prevent ASIC miners.The new algorithm is: X21S. PGNcould be mined by GPU miners for both AMD cards and NIVIDIA cards through Windows or Linux system. Part 1 — Mining Equipment And Environment Algorithm: X21S Official Website: Block Explorer: Supported: GPU mining (A-card and N-card) System: Windows, Linux. Mining software: T-rex (N card), WildRig (A card). Part 2 — Obtain PGN Wallet Address Full node wallet: Exchanges:QBTC Please note: Regulatory policies related to cryptocurrency mining differ in each country, and each miner is responsible to understand the associated risks. Part 3 — Obtain the mining software F2Pool version 【百度网盘】       【Mega云盘】 Both the f2pool software and… Read More ›