SC (Siacoin) Mining Tutorial

SC, referred to as Siacoin, official website:, is only supported by Obelisk, here is the outline of Obelisk miner and its configuration. ​Ⅰ. Obtain the wallet address The official full node wallet:, whose version is needed to be updated to 1.3.7. The exchange wallet will also be supported after its recovering to recharge. And we ask you to notice the relevant risks. Ⅱ. Miner configuration Go through the miner configuration page and input the pool URL and the worker name in "Pool 1" label. as below: URL:stratum+tcp:// Worker:wallet_address.woker_name(worker_name stands for your worker number, which is used to distinguish your miner and easy to check and manage) Password:X Then saving the settings afterwards, the miner will start to mine after several minutes.… Read More ›