VTC (VertCoin) Mining Tutorial

Key Information: Algorithm: Lyra2REv3 Supported: GPU mining Website: https://vertcoin.org/ Block Explorer: https://www.coinexplorer.net/VTC Part 1 — Mining equipment and environment Mining equipment: It supports GPU (N-card, A-card) mining. It doesn’t support ASIC mining machines. Operating system: Windows, Linux and currently does not support Mac system. Mining software: Ccminer (NVIDIA), CryptoDredge (NVIDIA), Sgminer (AMD). Part 2 — Obtain VTC Wallet Address VTC wallet address can be obtained through: Full node wallet (Windows & MacOS & Linux): https://vertcoin.org/download/ App(Android & iOS): Coinomi Exchanges: Bittrex;      Poloniex;       CryptoBridge. Part 3 — Download mining software The mining software can be downloaded through the following links: f2pool mining software (NVIDIA & AMD): Baidu Cloud Download Link Mega Download Link Official mining software: Ccminer CryptoDredge Sgminer Both the f2pool software and official software will provide the… Read More ›