ZCR (ZCore) Mining Tutorial

ZCore (ZCR, official website: https://zcore.cash/) is a digital currency that uses the lyra2Z algorithm for mining. It has no ICO, no pre-excavation, anti-ASIC, and can be mined using CPU and GPU.  The underlying algorithm is the same as the XZC , so the same mining software can be used.   [ZCR official website]          [ZCR block browser]   Obtain wallet address As with all other digital currency mining processes, you must first have a wallet address that accepts ZCR mining payout. It can be obtained by:   Full-node wallet: Https://zcore.cash/   Lightweight wallet: [ZCR App]   Exchange: [Graviex]   Please note that the countries’ regulatory policies on exchanges are not uniform, and the risks are borne by the miners.… Read More ›