ZEL (Zelcash) Mining Tutorial

Key Information ZelCash, referred to as ZEL, relying on zero-knowledge proof to provide private anonymous transactions, can also release a cross-chain decentralized development platform. The mining algorithm is Equihash 144, 5, which is an Equihash-based algorithm that supports GPU mining and does not support A9, Z9, Z11 and other ASIC mining machines. Part 1 — Mining Equipment And Environment Algorithm: Equihash 144, 5 Support: GPU mining (Mainstream Nivdia card and AMD card, requires over 2GB memory). Website: https://zel.cash/ Block Explorer: https://explorer.zel.cash/, https://explorer2.zel.cash/ Mining software: Bminer(N card) EWBF(N card) Gminer(N card) Easy miner(N card & A card) lolMiner(A card) Part 2 — Obtain ZEL Wallet Address ZEL official wallet address can be obtained through: https://zel.cash/ Download and install the local wallet. After the installation is complete, click “Start… Read More ›