ZEN (Horizen) Mining Tutorial

Zencash, abbreviated as: ZEN, gives all the mining revenue to the miners. This results in a problem that all the capital they need for the project development can just depend on the contribution of the community. That makes the development schedule of progress unsatisfactory. At the end, three former military staffs of The US government ramified Zencash from ZClassic, which is a more perfect version than the previous one. Same as ZCL, the total amount of ZEN is also 21 million. ZEN also uses Equihash algorithm, and can be mined by GPU card and Asic (A9/Z9) miners. 【ZEN Official Website】  【ZEN Block Explorer】   Ⅰ. The methods to get a wallet address: For ZEN mining, F2Pool is using anonymous mining method. You need… Read More ›