BFC Mortgage And Redumption Tutorial

Mortgage enough BFC, miners can enjoy the mining with 100% mining revenue. otherwise the mining revenue will be 30%. Currently, 1Kh/s hashrate requires 300 BFC as the mortgage. The default mining mode is without mortgage. Please consider the tutorial below for the mortgage.

Firstly, An F2Pool account is needed to be registered. Registration Page

Part 1 – Download the BFC official wallet

Log in the BFC official website: and download the relevant version of wallet. Here we take windows version as the example.

Download and unzip the file, click on “bitfree.qt”, then click on “Receive”- “Request payment”. A BFC wallet address will be generated. Please note it and keep it safe.

Notice: Different wallet address will be generated when clicking on “Request payment” every time. All of them are available.

Part 2 – Deposit to the full node wallet

The mortgage must be done through the full node wallet. Please make sure there are enough BFC coins in the full node wallet.

Part 3 Start Mortgaging

Open the full node wallet, click on the Mortgage button then choose “New Morgage”. There will be the page shown as below:

Mortgage address: Pool wallet address: FQCQR2aM8JWpCUMUcL3NZtuMQ6t6VS1QXJ

The mortgaged BFC coins are on the BFC mainnet but not on the pool and can only be redeemed through the back wallet address.

Part 4 – Mortgage Release

If miners don’t mine through mortgage and require to withdraw the mortgaged BFC in F2Pool. Please go into the account setting page, and release the mortgaged BFC.

The mortgaged BFC will be withdrew back to the configured back wallet address and will be received after the block confirmation.

Miners can check if the mortgage / release is successful through the BFC block explorer



      1. The mining machines quantity is too large, but not enough BFC to mortgage. How to do?

There are 2 methods.

Firstly, buy BFC.

Secondly, Create 2 sub-account, and keep it enough to mortgage by one sub-account so that it can obtain 100% mining revenue, and for the other sub-account can only obtain 30% mining revenue.

Ex: If I have 10 mining machines, but the BFC I have can only mortgage 5 mining machine hashrate. So I will create 2 sub-account A and B. 5 mining machines are under the sub-account A, to obtain 100% mining revenue, the other 5 mining machines are under the sub-account B, to obtain 30% mining revenue.

The point is, if all 10 mining revenue are mined under one sub-account, all these 10 mining machine can only obtain 30% mining revenue.

      2. If I have 1kh/s hashrate but have only 280 BFC for mortgage. How much revenue can I obtain?

The ratio is 1kh/s requires 300 BFC for mortgage, otherwise the revenue can only be 30%. Please consider the question 1 above.

      3. If I have 0.3kh/s hashrate, how many BFC should I mortgage?

The quantity of mortgage= The average 24h pool hashrate * 300 BFC

which means, 0.3k * 300 BFC =90 BFC. So it only requires 90 BFC for mortgage and can obtain 100% mining revenue.

There is no minimum limitation for the mortgage quantity.