BHD (BitcoinHD) Mining tutorial

BHD is a cryptocurrency using CPoC (Conditioned Proof of Capacity), which is a conditional capacity proof, and is drilled using a hard disk (mine machine). Compared to PoW mining, CPoC mining is more green and energy efficient, lower power consumption, lower noise and anti-ASIC.

F2Pool currently support ecological pool mining, without the need to mortgage BHD, mining in this way, the block reward for each block is 7.5 BHD (currently the complete block reward is 25 BHD per block), that is, 30% Block rewards.

Part 1 — Preparation

Go to F2Pool website and register the account (

Download the BHD full node wallet and mining software Blagominer

Mega Disk

Or obtain through the links below:

Full node wallet:

Part 2— Account configuration

2.1 Obtain Plot ID and passphrase

Download the BHD full node wallet, hide the synchronization page after completing the install. Click on “Tools”–“Generate mining account”, copy and save your Plot ID and passphrase.

As a reminder, if your PC is HP, the default procedure “HPJumpStartBridge” will make your installation abnormal. Please terminate this procedure and try again.

For the security aspect, please download your BHD wallet in an clean and safe PC. DO NOT download and operate your wallet on the mining machine.

2.2 Account information

In the BHD wallet dashboard, click on “Send“ and “Bind to”

Bind to: The pool wallet address 39onfMqDJwmqpcsrYFpuptCbXgAuaqJFh1

Hashrate: Your passphrase.

Then click “generate” button as below:

Click on “Copy”.

Log in the F2Pool account, switch the coin type to “BHD”, then bind the data. paste the bind data which has been copied just now, click on “Confirm” to activate.

The bound information will be shown in the records.

Part 3 — Hard Disk

Bind your disk with your own plot ID. As the tutorial shows below:

Part 4 — Miner Configuration

Download the mining software, open the “miner.conf” file by “txt” format. configure the parameters as below:

“MinerName”: “workername“,
“Mode” : “pool”,

“Server” : ““,
“Port”: 4700,

“UpdaterAddr” : ““,
“UpdaterPort”: “4700“,

“InfoAddr” : ““,
“InfoPort”: “4700“,

“EnableProxy”: false,
“ProxyPort”: 8126,

“CacheSize” : 16384,
“CacheSize2” : 262144,

“Debug”: false,
“UseHDDWakeUp”: true,

“TargetDeadline”: 86400,

“SendInterval”: 500,
“UpdateInterval”: 5000,

“UseLog” : true,
“ShowWinner” : false,
“UseBoost” : false,

“WinSizeX”: 80,
“WinSizeY”: 55,

“POC2StartBlock”: 0,
“AccountKey”: “username

Replace “username” and “worker name” to your own username and worker name.

“AccountKey”:Make sure to add your username in F2Pool, otherwise the revenue may not be obtained.

“MinerName”:Input your worker name (worker name can be customized and used for distinguish your different miner).

“Paths”:The source of your plots file. Please change it according to the folder that your plots file locates.

After the configuration, save and exist miner.conf file, choose the suitable mining software according to your CPU, such as: BlagoMiner_AVX2.

Part 5— Monitoring mining machine status and revenue

To view the operational status and daily income of the mining machine, you can access the f2pool official website, click on the search bar in the upper right corner, and enter the wallet address to check.

You can also view the information through our f2pool app. From the login screen, select “Quick View” in the bottom right corner and enter your wallet address.

Please note: After you set up your miner, it may take a little time before your mining data will sync with the f2pool website and app.

Other information

Official website:



Please note: Regulatory policies related to cryptocurrency mining differ in each country, and each miner is responsible to understand the associated risks.

Block explorer: